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Vancouver Sun: BC expected to weather latest economic storms

British Columbia is well positioned to weather a growing global economic storm, some experts in B.C. suggested on Friday. Falling oil prices, a trend toward higher unemployment in the United States, ongoing economic woes in Europe, and a relative fall-off in Chinese economic growth had global observers feeling pessimistic at the end of this week.

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Vancouver Sun: Civic politicians need to hear "no more" (Don Cayo)

The cost of municipal government is going up and it will keep going up until taxpayers send a clear message that they have had enough. Another report this week confirms that municipal governments in Metro Vancouver have increased spending in the past decade significantly faster than would be justified by population growth or inflation.

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News 1130: Civic spending in Metro Vancouver jumps 80 per cent in 10 years

New research suggest municipal spending in Metro Vancouver has gone up 80 per cent in the first decade of the new millennium. The BC Business Council is behind the study and feels duplication of services is one of the drivers of this problem.

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Vancouver Sun: West Fraser Timber CEO becomes chair of BC Business Council

Hank Ketcham, chairman and CEO of West Fraser Timber, has been named the new chair of the Business Council of British Columbia. "I am honoured to have been appointed chair of the Business Council," Ketcham told the council's annual general meeting, according to a news release.

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Times Colonist: Lumber exec new business council chair

The Business Council of British Columbia, a group of 250 major companies who account for a quarter of all jobs in the province, has appointed Hank Ketcham, chief executive of West Fraser Timber, as the council's new chairman for a two-year term.

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Business in Vancouver: Few business gains forecast in return-to-PST bill

A few administrative gains for business in B.C.’s return-to-PST legislation won’t offset the damage to B.C.’s economy that will result from losing the HST. That’s how B.C. business experts are viewing the province’s Bill 54, which is set to return the province to the PST on April 1, 2013.

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