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NEXT Leaders' Council

NEXT Leaders' Council

NEXT is a forum for emerging business leaders to engage in constructive, fact-based dialogue, debate, and advocacy around economic and public policy issues

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Get Social with the NEXT Leaders

It's time to get ready for what is coming NEXT - a new generation of business leader.

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Join other emerging business leaders in a conversation about the future of our workplaces, economy, communities and our generation.

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Who we are

NEXT is a forum for emerging business leaders to engage in constructive, fact-based dialogue, debate, and advocacy around economic and public policy issues that are key to investment, growth, and a sustainable, competitive economy in British Columbia.

What we believe:

We believe the time has come to take a leadership role in shaping a more engaged and inclusive dialogue and debate around economic and public policy issues in B.C., one that represent the full spectrum of B.C.’s diverse population base.

We believe a strong, sustainable and diversified economy is the foundation for healthy communities, prosperous families and reliable social programs.

We believe British Columbia’s future is one of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, responsible natural resource development, creativity, and innovation.

We believe business has a vital leadership role to play in driving innovation, creating strong communities and being responsible stewards of our environment.

We believe it is time for business, environmental and community groups to work together to find shared values and objectives that benefit all British Columbians.

We believe that each of us has a responsibility to be active and informed contributors to public policy debate in BC.

What we do:

We provide an open platform for Next Leaders to learn, question, form opinions and formulate approaches to the challenges and opportunities facing our province.

We share our knowledge and our opinions with our peer networks to foster improved awareness, understanding, and engagement around the policy and economic issues important to the future of British Columbia.

We engage with trail blazing business and community leaders to learn from each other and transition into informed stewards of our economy and our environment.

We provide opinions and perspectives regarding specific public policy matters in order to communicate our shared belief that a strong, sustainable economy is key to a prosperous province.

Who are the NEXT Leaders?

Carling Dick

As Chair of the NEXT Leaders Council, Carling serves on the Business Council of British Columbia's Executive Committee and Board of Governors.

Carling is a Principal with Earnscliffe Strategy Group. She is an accomplished project and campaign manager with expertise in public policy, government relations, stakeholder engagement and communications. Having spent 10 years driving results on a variety of projects, she has developed an excellent understanding of the operations and culture of non-profits, companies and government.

Carling provides her expertise and advice to clients in the energy, technology, film & television, transportation, healthcare and solid waste management sectors.

Previously, Carling spent time strategizing and executing key events for two B.C. Premiers. She was focused on stakeholder and intergovernmental issues. During her time in the Premier’s office she planned the Western Premiers’ Conference, the 2011 Olympic Anniversary celebration, a joint Province of BC and Washington State cabinet meeting, and a Metro Vancouver Mayors Council Meeting.

Learn more and connect with Carling on LinkedIn.

Gavin Dew

Gavin wears and incredible number of hats as an entrepreneur and strategic adviser. In June 2019, he was appointed as a one of five NEXT Leaders to serve as at-large member of the Business Council of B.C.’s Board of Governors. He also serves on the Steering Committee of the NEXT Leaders' Council.

Gavin is also passionate about public policy and young people running for office. He is the founder of the Forum for Millennial Leadership, which works to elect millennials regardless of party ideology or level of government.

Learn more and connect with Gavin on LinkedIn.

Sara Goldvine

Sara is a versatile leader who delivers purpose-driven strategy through story. Whether steering an organization through crisis or plotting out a long-term plan, Sara takes a fresh and collaborative approach to building relationships through a creative mix of strategic communications, public relations, public affairs, and marketing leading practices.

Sara puts these skills to good use as Vice President of Communications with B.C. Housing.

In 2019, Sara joined the Business Council of British Columbia's Board of Governors as a Member at Large to provide a generational lens on the Council's policy priorities and initiatives.

Learn more and connect with Sara on LinkedIn.

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