Joint Industry Statement on the Introduction of Bill 10 and Union Certification

April 7, 2022

Vancouver B.C., April 6, 2022 - The following associations are surprised by the introduction of amendments to Bill 10 by the B.C. government, which proposes substantive change to the Labour Relations Code without any meaningful consultation with employers, and at a time when many businesses are still reeling from the pandemic.

The right to choose union representation is guaranteed through legislation. The method of how workers choose to decide who should represent them is critical. Fundamentally, Bill 10 significantly weakens the democratic right for workers to exercise choice through a secret ballot. These changes also follow significant changes to the Labour Relations Code in 2019.

We are disappointed that the Minister did not fulfill his 2022 mandate letter responsibility to “create new consultative mechanisms to engage employer and worker representatives in consideration of any changes proposed to workplace legislation to ensure the widest possible support.”

We call on the government to pause the legislative process and engage in a fulsome and proper consultation with employers.

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