AM 1150 News (Kelowna): Business Council of B.C. Worried About Impact of COVID-19 on Province


The Chief Economist with the Business Council of B.C. says he's concerned the province will be hit hard by the coronavirus.

Ken Peacock says he believes tourism will suffer, and so will other sectors.

"Just imagine the number of people from China and Europe thinking of coming to British Columbia in the next few months, they'll be reevaluating their travel plans," says Peacock. "You don't get that back, that's lost revenue for the tourism industry. Also, the global economy is going to be slowing down. That's going to impact our traditional exports, merchandise exports that B.C. ships around the world. Agriculture products have already been hit hard. There is more downside potential here and I am concerned about how the rest of the year is going to unfold."

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