Black Press: Business groups say businesses can’t shoulder burden of COVID-19 sick pay

Greg D’Avignon, president of the Business Council of B.C., said he supports Horgan’s concern about a potential second wave of virus and further setbacks for a business community trying to weather a worldwide pandemic.

But, D’Avignon added, placing more public health costs onto business is neither fair nor viable.

“There was some conversation in B.C. about the potential to use WorkSafeBC, without any presumption of where the sickness was taken on,” D’Avignon said. “This is a global health pandemic and a provincial and national health emergency, and it seems odd that business would shoulder the burden of those costs when somebody could be transmitting in the community and it has nothing to do with work.”


D’Avignon and 20 other provincial and national business leaders sent a letter to Trudeau on May 28, calling on the federal government to create “a temporary sick pay program under the CERB and/or EI that ‘sunsets’ once public health and emergency orders related to COVID-19 are lifted.”

As published in Victoria News.