Business in Vancouver: B.C. business groups raise alarms over potential transit shutdown


The Business Council of B.C. (BCBC), meanwhile, is concerned about the economic impacts beyond Metro Vancouver.

“B.C is a small, open trading and diverse economy that relies on the mobility of people and goods to operate efficiently. When slowed or stopped, we all suffer,” CEO Greg D’Avignon said in a release.

“Our rural communities rely on Metro Vancouver employers and workers for the services that enable trade, the shipment of household necessities and the export of goods on our roads, through our ports and across borders.”

The BCBC’s latest economic review, released in late October, downgraded the province’s growth forecast from 2% in its Q2 report to 1.8% as of Q3.

“The transit disruption will have the potential to further contribute to the already slowing B.C. economy,” the BCBC said in a release.

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