Business in Vancouver: Corporations moving to virtual AGMs

  • March 25, 2020


On March 23, the TSX and TSX-V announced relief measures including time-frame extensions for holding annual shareholder meetings and approvals of stock option plans. The TSX also made allowances for filing of financial statements and adjustments to share buybacks and delisting criteria.

Talaifar said it remains possible that the government could allow regulatory exemptions in the current circumstances.

“I could see them following the lead of the stock exchanges,” he said.

The virtual idea is the Business Council of B.C. has already taken to heart, not only for its AGM but also for strategy sessions, said president Greg D’Avignon.

For the AGM, he said the council has the capacity for 250 people to attend via videoconferencing.

For strategy sessions, D’Avignon said, the council is using augmented reality software allowing meeting attendees to use avatars. “It’s as though you’re actually in the meeting.”

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