Business in Vancouver: Harbour Air partnership launches Vancouver-Seattle floatplane flights

  • April 26, 2018


British Columbia Business Council CEO Greg D’Avignon, who was waiting to welcome that flight at the dock in Vancouver, told BIV that he is excited about the opportunities that arise from non-stop floatplane flights that take less than one hour to shuttle passengers between the two Cascadia cities.

Not only has Harbour Air been shifting to provide more flights to the tourism sector, but D'Avignon said that the flights will appeal to a wide range of business passengers, and not just those from big-name technology companies, such as Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT) and Inc. (Nasdaq:AMZN).

“There are hundreds and hundreds of companies that do business right now in the corridor that nobody knows anything about,” he said.

“Boeing has 400 people here in their IofT [internet of things] business and jet aircraft engines. There are companies in technology, capital markets, infrastructure, transportation, environmental services, forestry and Asia trade.”

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