CTV News: B.C. business leaders say blockades crippling future investment

  • March 06, 2020


“When small pockets of society take it upon themselves in a democracy to thumb their nose at decision-making processes, it really calls into question the validity of what they’re doing,” said Business Council of B.C. president Greg D’Avignon.

Thursday in Quebec, one of the longest running rail blockades came down as members of the Mohawk Nation vacated commuter rail tracks after nearly a month.

But signees to the statement on sagging investment claim the damage has already been done.

“We’re lacking confidence. We’re lacking confidence in institutions and processes and in the rule of law,” said D’Avignon, who also added authorities should move more quickly to make arrests if the blockades intensify again.

“We expect that the police would enforce those injunctions,” he said. “Now it doesn’t mean violence, it doesn’t mean significant confrontation, but we need to make sure that when the rule of law is in place that it’s adhered to.”

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