Epoch Times: BC cancels MSP fee paying companies next year

  • December 09, 2019


According to data released by the Business Council of BC, the provincial government has implemented a number of new tax and tax increases since 2013. It is estimated that companies will need to pay nearly $ 5 billion in "extra" taxes this fiscal year, These include the provincial government ’s employer medical tax, which will take effect this year, to generate 1.9 billion yuan in additional taxes. There are also a property transfer tax (1.9 billion yuan), a carbon tax (1.7 billion yuan), and a fuel tax (1 billion yuan). In its report, the BC Business Council wrote: "While other provinces are reducing taxes or reducing taxes to increase competitiveness, BC is moving in the opposite direction: increasing the tax burden on companies and transforming operations and development businesses. More complicated and expensive."

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