Financial Post: Alberta's 'turn-off-taps' law makes gas price jumps and shortages real

  • May 02, 2019


B.C. Business Council president Greg D’Avignon said concerns about higher gas prices and fuel shortages are causing widespread concern.

“That impacts business,” he said. “It impacts families. It impacts the government. It creates a real crisis.”

He urged Kenny and Horgan to step back from the dispute and see the strong bonds between their provinces.

“We’re the two most integrated economies in the country, on labour, on trade, on the movement of goods, on investment, and there are huge opportunities of things we could be doing to grow our economies, but the Trans Mountain expansion and this energy conflict is in the way of it,” said D’Avignon.

The premiers need to find a solution, he said.

“People forget that families, friends and companies move back and forth between Alberta and B.C. everyday,” D’Avignon said. “When B.C. gets a cold, Alberta gets sick and vice versa.”

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