Globe and Mail: High rents, tourism reliance will mean Vancouver’s recovery will be slow


But B.C. had far less of its economy shut down than provinces such as Ontario and Quebec, where there were more restrictive rules about construction, manufacturing and non-essential businesses.

Because of that, many expected less of a downturn.

“We’ve gotten pounded on the job losses. Even we are surprised at the magnitude,” said Jock Finlayson, executive vice-president and chief policy officer of the Business Council of B.C. “Tourism is in the meat grinder and it’s one our top-three export industries.”

And, he said, B.C. has more people proportionally working in personal-care services – such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, spas, yoga studios, nail salons – than elsewhere in Canada, while its manufacturing, financial services and head-office-type sectors are smaller than in Ontario and Quebec.

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