Environmental Policies

iPolitics: The Drilldown: Peru’s Bretana oilfield closed after protestor deaths
CBC Radio West: Interview with Greg D'Avignon on the Low Carbon Advantage plan
Vancouver Sun: B.C. business leaders call for carbon-tax protection for high-emissions, export dependent industries
Business in Vancouver: B.C. risks ‘carbon leakage’ without business incentives: business council
Financial Post: Posthaste: How Canada can capitalize on the $4.6 trillion trade that's in play amid U.S. and China showdown
Confidence in Canada Statement

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Confidence in Canada Statement

March 05, 2020

BCPoliTalk: Greg D'Avignon on B.C.'s economic challenges
BIV Podcast: B.C.'s economic opportunities in a Hobbesian world
B.C. Business Summit 2019: The New Business & Societal Paradox: If things are going so well, why am I so anxious?
News Release - Business Council of B.C. Releases Survey of Business Leaders on the  Top Federal Election Issues
Business in Vancouver: B.C. businesses paying $5B in extra taxes since 2013
Business Council of B.C. analyzes cost of doing business: B.C. is moving in the wrong direction