Vancouver Courier: Only a quarter of B.C. businesses feel confident of restart

  • May 22, 2020


“The most recent survey data shows virtually all respondents continue to experience lost revenue as a result of COVID-19 and restart efforts will be hampered by an inability to attract new and returning customers,” Business Council of British Columbia president Greg D’Avignon said. “We are facing a global recession and the worst year for B.C.’s economy and job market in a century.

In that light, D’Avignon called on governments to use the tools at their disposal to expedite economic activity and address competitiveness barriers in the form of tax, regulatory and process costs that stand in the way of businesses rehiring the nearly 400,000 employees who’ve lost their jobs.

The figures came out of a survey of 1,343 member-businesses of the BC Chamber of Commerce, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Business Council of British Columbia, and others, with the data released May 22.

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