Vancouver Sun: B.C. a 'middling' jurisdiction for prosperity: report


When it comes to societal well-being, B.C. ranks fairly high against a group of peers. But the province’s economic well-being and particularly its business environment leaves much to be desired.

Those are among the findings of a new report from the Business Council of B.C. that ranked the province “in the middle of the pack” at 11th overall in a prosperity index of 21 national and subnational jurisdictions.

Greg D’Avignon, the president and CEO of the business council, said that given the talent and assets the province can boast, B.C.’s position on the list is “just not good enough.”

“We’re not meeting our full potential as a society. And it comes at a time when we’re going through this profound and accelerating transformation that is driven by demographics and technological disruption and geopolitical uncertainty.”

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