Vancouver Sun: B.C. Court of Appeal ruling doesn't settle divide over Trans Mountain expansion


From the business community’s perspective, the ruling offered a clear statement about the shipment of energy being an issue of national interest, said Greg D’Avignon, CEO of the Business Council of B.C.

That is important, D’Avignon said, because of B.C. and Alberta’s interdependence over trade in energy.

The Business Council, last week, updated its reporting on inter-provincial ties, which showed that the B.C. and Alberta economies are the most interdependent of all Canadian provinces, trading some $30 billion per year in goods and services back and forth.

“B.C. has more trade exports to Alberta than China,” D’Avignon said. “And our biggest exports are energy,” with B.C. buying some $2.6 billion in oil, gas and petroleum products from Alberta and Alberta buying $2.2 billion worth of mostly B.C. natural gas on an annual basis.

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