Vancouver Sun: Working out a global rethink: COVID-influenced work from home phenomenon likely to stick


“The big question for the future when the pandemic is finally behind us is: How does this play out?” said Jock Finlayson, senior policy adviser at the Business Council of B.C. “Do we revert back to the pre-pandemic norm or will we see a permanent shift in this (remote working) direction?”

Finlayson said research suggests the work-from-home phenomenon will stick, and hybrid work arrangement like Yaworsky’s will become more common.

“Once the pandemic ends, a common pattern across large and mid-sized organizations will be to have employees in jobs where remote work is feasible devote roughly two days per week to WFH (equating to 40 per cent of an average work week for full-time employees),” Finlayson wrote in a report.

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