Diverse and Growing: BC's Agriculture Industry on the Rise

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  • BC’s agri-food industry has enjoyed strong growth in recent years.
  • The value of BC’s exports of agricultural and seafood products has surged, thanks to strong gains in shipments to the US (aided by the weaker Canadian dollar) as well as growing exports to China. The US takes more than two-thirds of BC’s agri-food exports, while China buys 12%.
  • Overall, BC’s agri-food sector punches below its weight within Canada, but this is mainly because we have a smaller share of agricultural land than some other provinces; BC punches above its weight in many segments of crop production.
  • BC has the most diverse agriculture sector of any province in Canada.
  • The province’s agri-food sector is well positioned for future growth due to the array of high quality products we produce together with rising demand in Asia.