Innovation, Technology and the Environment - What is now proved was once only imagined

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COVID-19 has consumed the attention of the world for the past several months, gradually building in intensity such that it overshadows all else. The problems faced by the present and future are large and will require collaboration, partnerships, and new approaches to all manner of issues, including the environment.

Yet before this time in history, there were always business problems to solve, sometimes daily and always with a view to the future. Whether created by misjudged opportunities and risks, lack of positive public policy incentives, or poor information, businesses have always been trying to figure out how to do, and be, better to differentiate themselves from competitors and ultimately to contribute.

The essence of innovation is the drive for survival and success in the market. It is the sum of the parts, from identifying an issue to implementing a solution, which can be everything from a simplified procedure to an entirely new product – what we often think of as technology.

B.C. has a remarkable array of creative people who care about the success of our economy and who also care deeply about the impact of industrial activity on the environment in the past, present, and future. This is evident in their actions.

This edition of the Environment and Energy Bulletin reviews the actions and investments of B.C. companies in the areas of materials management, energy production, and CO2 use and sequestration with positive global impacts, including:

  • Lehigh Hanson
  • Lafarge
  • Carbon Cure
  • Rio Tinto
  • Teck
  • Parkland
  • General Fusion
  • Ovintiv
  • Carbon Engineering
  • Svante

It foretells the potential for amazing new things as we respond to the current global situation.

Stay tuned for more reports of this nature as we track the business and public policy responses to this moment in history.