Innovation, Technology and the Environment - Chapter Two

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  • Innovation and technology have always been important to the competitiveness of B.C. and Canadian companies. Problem-solving is the essence of innovation and, simultaneously, of continuous improvement. It is realized either in the form of novel “things” like a new machine, or through doing something differently and better.
  • British Columbia’s traditional sectors of forestry, mining, energy, and agri-food production have always relied on innovation, not only to keep costs down but also to improve worker safety and protect the environment. In fact, sectors producing tangible goods often lead the way, out of necessity, in the development and deployment of innovations such as software applications and data management.
  • This is the second installment of Innovation, Technology, and the Environment – What is Now Proved Was Once Only Imagined, where we continue to explore the creativity of B.C. people and businesses wrestling with complex issues and highlight the innovative ways they respond to the challenges.