Reconciliation in Action: The Power of First Nation - Industry Partnerships in British Columbia

November 4, 2019
Greg D'Avignon

Reconciliation in Action: The Power of First Nation – Industry Partnerships in British Columbia showcases the power we harness by working together. This report is a joint initiative of the Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC) and the Indigenous Business and Investment Council (IBIC). The stories we showcase come from across the province and are part of a growing and diverse cohort of industry and Indigenous agreements to work together to do things differently.

We dive into partnerships that span industry sectors, including forestry, fisheries, renewable energy, and hospitality. The report shares how each of the relationships were initiated; whether by the First Nation, the business, or a combination of the two. Most importantly, each of the stories document a critical turning point in the partnership. Some projects began as an opportunity to leverage expertise; others were formed to meet market demand; and in others, these partnerships were the start of a project that helped to build community capacity, bringing in sole-source revenue and supporting First Nations on their own path to self-determination. We focus on the turning point in each of the stories as it was this moment that served as a catalyst for change and empowered the partners to engage in new types of relationships.

We would like to thank all of those who participated in this publication through sharing their stories and advice. The hope is that others looking to build stronger relationships between First Nations and businesses in B.C. will be encouraged through these stories.


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