Denise Mullen

Director, Environment, Sustainability & Indigenous Relations

Denise Mullen

Director, Environment, Sustainability & Indigenous Relations

I have many years experience in natural resource management including working with all levels of government, a variety of stakeholders and First Nations in the n the development of policy, legislation and strategy and the review and permitting of major projects. I have held senior positions in public, private and non-profit sectors. I understand the need for and importance of including various voices, good data, and sound analysis in decision making.

My portfolio of work is broad and diversified, which keeps things interesting while maximizing learning opportunities. I am a collaborator, passionate about research, love to think about complex issues, and write. No role or piece of work is too small. They all offer the chance to participate in making a difference.

My skill set is deep and refined including writing (including IT/business analysis use cases), research, strategy and policy development, regulatory lead and process support, stakeholder engagement and behavioural analysis, economic analysis, and business analysis. Ultimately, I translate the needs and interests of various parties (professional and laypeople) into coherent expressions of their issues, business needs, and vision for the future.

I am also an active volunteer on many Boards of Directors both personally and professionally.

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